Together we make it possible. Menarini Group rearranges part of the production plant in Florence to produce disinfectant gel for healthcare facilities

At this critical time for Italy and the whole world, Menarini Group is on the front line in the fight against Covid-19, its primary mission is to support as much as possible the medical assistance in saving lives day-to-day.

Now more than ever, we feel the need to be close to health professionals, doctors and, of course, patients.

Our mission: to donate from 5 to 15 tons of disinfectant gel per week

With the current state of emergency, the demand for hand sanitizing gel and anti-virus masks – fundamental weapons in the fight against Coronavirus – has increased considerably. There have been appeals from hospitals and health workers, but also from law-enforcement and public service, which are unable to find sufficient quantities of these products, essential for workers’ safety.

Part of our production plant in Florence dedicated to topical gel formulations will be, therefore, converted into the production of hand sanitizer gel, with the aim of donating it to all the structures involved in the fight against Covid-19. We immediately perceived the seriousness of the situation and endeavored to monitor the risk and face the emergency in Italy.

Here is our mission: we started to produce 5 tons of disinfectant gel weekly, but we plan to achieve up to 15 tons in the next weeks, tripling the production. It will be donated free of charge to the National Civil Protection Department, which will distribute it where it is particularly needed, favoring the structures most exposed to risk.


The donation: our thanks to the heroes fighting against the Coronavirus

Our donation is intended as a sign of gratitude to doctors and health workers, “the real heroes, who fight against COVID-19″, said Menarini Group Chief Executive Officer Elcin Barker Ergun.

Menarini products have long been present in the most important therapeutic areas, the fight against the disease must be tackled in all possible ways: the reorganisation of part of its production systems has proved that Menarini Group has always had human health at heart.

By illuminating Menarini offices in Florence with the colors of the Italian flag we wanted to show solidarity, not to forget that: together we make it possible.