A new digital tool for therapy management: TheraKey by BERLIN-CHEMIE Menarini

For over 100 years, BERLIN-CHEMIE has stood for innovative research and production of newly developed as well as proven pharmaceutical products. As part of the global Menarini Group, BERLIN-CHEMIE’s goal is to introduce new drugs to help ill patients and improve their quality of life. 

After more than 2 years of development, BERLIN-CHEMIE – responsible for the pharmaceutical markets in Germany, Eastern Europe and the CIS region, for over 25 countries in Europe and Asia – is proud to further advancing the standard in modern doctor-patient communication with the launch of the new TheraKey: a modern, intuitive and individual digital therapy assistant tailored to doctors, patients and their relatives.

Although the TheraKey portal has already been in existence for over eight years, BERLIN-CHEMIE continuously develops and updates it, with the latest major revision having taken place last October. Since its introduction, TheraKey has been one of the most important digital tools in therapy management.

The recent improvements include a complete technology overhaul with the addition of new interactive tools, which are easier to use, and revised content of the TheraKey Compass (aimed at diabetes and COPD patients) which provides bespoke information for the first 8 to 12 weeks after diagnosis of the disease. It is also designed to motivate patients to stay and provides the possibility to invite a relative and supply tailored information for them. This ranges from practical everyday tips to targeted access to everything concerning the disease and therapy. The goal is to provide better support and accompaniment for patients at home. Furthermore, playful elements make the user experience more efficient and pleasant and a more attractive design also contributes to this. Thus, to increase the frequency of use in this way and boosting the engagement of the patient, which in turn motivates them to comply with therapy.

The reworked offering is a great help to the doctor in patient management and gives them more time for individual questions from people they are treating. With TheraKey, doctors can provide their patients with easily understandable and reliable information – in some cases in several languages – and thus make much more targeted use of the limited time available with patients for education and training.

BERLIN-CHEMIE provides doctors with TheraKeys – physical paper boxes with a code – and patients will then in turn receive a TheraKey for their personal indication or even multiple indications from their doctor. This allows the creation of a profile on the platform (www.therakey.de), so they can personalise their TheraKey according to their individual needs. The launch page offers recommendations and gives patients the option of providing certain data points, which enables the system to fit even better to their requirements.

TheraKey is currently available for the following therapeutic areas: type 1 and 2 diabetes (with and without insulin), lipid-metabolism disorders, gout, angina pectoris, hypertension, COPD and asthma.

The programme has been developed with leading physicians in the respective fields.

The kick-off for TheraKey in its updated guise last October also marked the beginning of further developments on the platform. The information portal has been a key part of the Company’s “beyond-the-pill” approach and there are sound reasons for this: around a third of all family doctors in Germany will be retiring in the next few years. Therefore, the need of innovation in order to support a new generation of medical practitioners, for whom it is second nature to use digital applications, and who even demand tools – like TheraKey – to better assist their patients.

It is BERLIN-CHEMIE’s overriding priority to continuously improve the tool and to drive digital therapy management in order to defend its pioneering role in the future as well