Menarini Turkey recognized among the “Best Employers Turkey 2021”

A high-performing work culture comes from highly engaged employees gaining meaningful experiences throughout the employee lifecycle.
As a company with affiliates in 140 countries and with over 17,000 employees over the world, Menarini constantly strives to create an inspiring work environment that provides a positive employee experience through engagement, innovation and focus on talent.
These are some of the core
values of Menarini as an employer, with the aim of having engaged, committed employees who can thrive, give their best efforts and achieve extraordinary results.

To support these values and objectives, in 2019 Menarini Turkey has joined the “Best Employers Program Turkey” and launched a collaboration with Kincentric, one of the largest consulting companies worldwide in the human resources and management areas, which focuses on employee engagement, people strategy and workplace culture. The goal was to implement as Menarini Turkey the employee engagement & experience survey, in order to identify which areas could be developed further and to support the employee engagement journey.

This survey along with department meetings HR has done with around 400 employees under the project named “HR is Listening to You” has allowed employees to provide in-depth feedback on their current work environment and has paved the way for new developments that have since been put into effect. With these actions, Menarini Turkey has focused on fostering and improving employee engagement and company culture and, two years after the first implementation, has participated once more in the “Best Employers Program Turkey 2021” in order to receive employee feedback on the actions taken in different areas.

As a result of this evaluation, Menarini Turkey has been certified by Kincentric among the Best Employers of Turkey. The indexes used to make this decision include employee engagement, agility, engaging leadership and talent focus.

The survey showed that Menarini Turkey’s employees speak positively about their work experience, intend to stay with the company, and feel motivated to go the extra mile in order to achieve results.
They see the company as innovative, inclusive and highly adaptive to the changing needs of customers. Furthermore, their engagement is driven by a deep connection with a solid leadership that is able to communicate a clear vision and
exert strong personal values. Another strong point is Menarini’s focus on talent: the employees feel that the company is highly invested in attracting and retaining talent, thus creating an inspirational work environment where people can thrive.

The 2021 evaluation showed the employee engagement score has increased from 61% in 2019 to 76 %, and the overall Employee Satisfaction rate increased from 84% to 91%.

These results are especially important when considered in the dramatic context of the pandemic, which has caused a decline in employee engagement at a global level. Despite this situation, the fact that employee engagement and satisfaction at Menarini Turkey has seen a steady increase during 2020 and 2021 is a testament to Menarini’s constant efforts to foster a highly motivated work culture with employees who are wholly committed to Menarini Global Values

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