Menarini Switzerland: 25 years in the heart of Europe

An important milestone has been reached with the celebration of 25 years of Menarini Switzerland, a young member of our Big Family in the heart of Europe.

Established in 1996 in Zurich, A. Menarini GmbH is located in Oerlikon, a lively shopping district just a 7-minute walk from Switzerland’s third busiest railway station.

The first products marketed were in the indication fields of pain and inflammation for the treatment of swollen legs. The activities today are extended also to the fields of authorisation, medicine, marketing, sales and finance. More than half the workforce is employed in the field service, which supports the endeavour to enter into effective, qualified and reliable cooperation with all customers, providing an increasingly efficient, qualified and reliable service.

The portfolio of A. Menarini GmbH consists of medicinal products for primary care, i.e. products that are predominantly prescribed by general practitioners.

The Company’s main focus is on the  treatment of gout, allergy and urticaria. The range for general practitioners also comprises products from the therapeutic areas of cardiology, urology, pain and, most recently, infectiology. This year RELIFE started with his first activities in the field, as well.

It goes without saying that our employees are the architects of this success. Together and proactively, they managed the major challenges of 2020 and carried out important projects such as the detailed «G-Suite for iPad» manual containing over 230 pages and the «Menarini Fit4Tomorrow» project, involving every employee in Switzerland to create new ideas to improve the work within Menarini Switzerland and the work for our clients.

Menarini GmbH goal is not limited to the primary care of cardiovascular diseases, allergies and gouty arthritis; thanks to worldwide collaborations, further development is underway in the field of special medicine.

This anniversary sees, in fact, the Swiss subsidiary moving into new sectors such as antibiotics, as well as cosmetic and dermal-cosmetic medicine with RELIFE, the new company of the Menarini Group that, thanks to the collaboration with specialists from all over the world, is carrying out a new approach to skin treatment.

Located in the heart of Europe – yet not tied into the EU – Menarini Switzerland strives with incessant energy and spirit of innovation, pursuing the two major strategic objectives of the Group: research and internationalization. These two priorities make it possible to launch innovative products successfully around the world, heading towards a promising future with great energy and innovation.