Menarini Group: a reference point for those entering the labour market.

Menarini Group strongly believes that investing in digital transformation is fundamental for the growth of the Company and the strengthening of relations with stakeholders. In such a difficult moment for our country, the attention for the relationships has led the Group to use digital solutions in order to share its corporate values.

Menarini Group has been involved all along in the training of its employees and – especially at a time when the pharmaceutical manufacturing plays a crucial role – wants to be a reference point in career guidance for young people. To respond to a difficult situation and to motivate young people not to give up in a time of crisis, Menarini Group organized a plan of actions with Italian Universities and scheduled three Webinars involving many students in a proactive way. Thus also thanks to the digital communication tools, removing geographical barriers.

MENARINI SI PRESENTA” was the first webinar, held on April 24th and addressed to medical students from the University of Florence.

Attended by Lia Consiglia Granato, Recruiting and Development Manager, Serena Buontempo, Clinical Development Leader and Suada Meto, Medical Advisor. The professionals illustrated their roles, opportunities and careers for young doctors at our Company.

The second webinar – always held by Lia Consiglia Granato and HR Recruiter Serena Milanesi – took place on May 6th with the University of Milan – Bicocca. During the meeting, issues were discussed on the importance of soft skills, transversal skills and the preparation of a CV. The event was addressed to undergraduates in Medical Biotechnology, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques and Biology.

The third webinar took place on June 16th on the occasion of BioPharmaDay, this year organized entirely online. The event – attended by Lia Consiglia Granato, Serena Milanesi and Silvia Beghin, Menarini’s Patient Access Project Manager – got a huge participation from students and young professionals: 750 people attended the online session to find out skills and job opportunities of our Group.

In all these events, young people expressed great interest in the opportunities offered by Menarini Group. Thanks also to the digital revolution, the Group strengthened its institutional image.

In organizing these webinars, the aim was to overcome the difficulties of the physical distance due to the lockdown, so the meetings were intended specifically for digital. Certainly, the extremely delicate phase we are going through has accelerated not only the transformation processes, but also the assimilation of the new digital communication tools and work environments: using online environments means exploiting potential and specificity. From a professional and personal point of view Coronavirus outbreak poses daily challenges, but on the other hand it also offers opportunities for development and improvement.

This is the reason because, Menarini does not stop searching new talents and rides the wave that digital media offer: working for Menarini Group is a choice that makes the difference, every day.