Menarini and The Bacciotti Foundation together for the Family Accomodation project

From left: Paolo Bacciotti, Alberto Giovanni e Lucia Aleotti, Barbara Bacciotti.

Being able to help those in need through charity work is one of the Menarini Group’s priorities and, in November 2020, this commitment led them to help young cancer patients and their families in the difficult, daily battle against the disease.

Menarini, together with the Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation, donated an apartment to be used completely free of charge by the families of those children coming from all over Italy who have to endure prolonged stays at the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence to receive their treatment.

In many cases, these young patients are forced to spend very long periods of time far away from the places they are familiar with, as well as other members of their families. In the ‘Casa Accoglienza Tommasino, not only are the children surrounded by the love of those closest to them, allowing them to live in an environment as similar as possible to that of their homes, but they can also receive part of their cancer treatment in a day hospital following their discharge from the cancer ward. 

This option also enables an increased availability of hospital beds, thus generating significant savings for public healthcare. 

What does Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation do?

The Foundation was established in the year 2000 thanks to Paolo and Barbara Bacciotti, parents of little Tommasino, who died at the age of just two years old due to a rare form of brain tumour. In memory of Tommaso, the Foundation works alongside the Meyer Hospital, supporting it both in medical-scientific research and with the Family Accommodation Project.

The apartment that opened its doors on November 6th, 2020, is the 23rd house in the history of the Foundation and marks a unique milestone. The Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation, with it’s 23 homes, is the first Foundation in Italy in providing accommodation to the families of young cancer patients.

In fact the ‘Casa Accoglienza Tommasino’, is able to accommodate up to 103 people per day, which means 37.595 nights for those families who need to stay overnight.

The Foundation also supports research by funding scholarships for pediatric oncologists and laboratory technicians, and contributing towards the purchase of medical devices needed for the treatment of pediatric cancer.

Over the years, the ties between Menarini and the Bacciotti Foundation have strengthened and this recent collaboration has made this solid and long lasting relationship even stronger. In 2015, Menarini and the Bacciotti Foundation staged the “Childrens’ Festival Colours of the Emotions in Motion” together. In 2018, Menarini contributed towards theTommasino’s Friends Project; and in 2019 Menarini made a contribution purchasing copies of the book “I wanted to be a footballer, dedicated to Giancarlo Antognoni.

Menarini’s contribution towards oncological research

The fight against cancer is one of most important fields of research to which Menarini is committed. Research and innovation allow them to study new molecules, new active ingredients, and new treatments.

Extraordinary progress has been made in cancer treatment. In Italy, one million people are alive thanks to pharmaceutical research in this field”, declared Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, Menarini Board members and shareholders. “It is important, however, not to lose focus, but to persevere with efforts for diagnosis and treatment even during the era of Covid”. 

The commitment of Menarini in the field of oncological research aims to offer innovative solutions to those patients who, even today, have limited therapeutic options and unfavourable prognosis.

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