Coronavirus: Menarini Diagnostics opens new frontiers

Menarini Diagnostics is part of the leading Italian Pharmaceutical Group worldwide. and it has affiliates covering most of Europe and the world. Relying on a strong and time-honoured experience, it is an important reality among companies that believe and invest in Research and Development.

In the very first days when the Covid-19 epidemic began to spread around the world, Menarini Diagnostics immediately began searching for serious and reliable solutions that could guarantee a correct identification of the virus. Thanks to its tenacity and research work, over recent months, Menarini Diagnostics’ portfolio has been constantly updated, allowing the Company to offer a huge number of solutions, like serological tests, molecular swabs and antigen tests.
These are just a few of the products distributed by Menarini Diagnostics, to which another very important test has been recently added. «
This is a new test capable of identifying, with a single diagnostic test and a single swab, whether the patient is positive for Covid-19 or whether they have contracted type A or B influenza. This is all performed using VitaPCR technology», states Fabio Piazzalunga, General Manager of Menarini Diagnostics.
VitaPCR is the “Point of Care” molecular diagnostics device, which is portable and can be used outside a traditional laboratory setting, launched by Menarini Diagnostics last April in many European countries. «In Europe to date, we have distributed more than 1,800 devices, primarily used for the rapid molecular diagnosis of Covid-19», states the General Manager. «The same tools can now also be used to perform this new type of test».

This new test involves taking a sample through a nasal or throat swab, the sample is then inserted into a vial containing an extraction buffer and shaken. Next, a portion is then transferred to another vial – containing the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) reagents – which is then input into the VitaPCR™ platform, initiating the analysis process. The result appears on the screen of the device after just 20 minutes, indicating whether the sample has tested positive or negative both for Covid-19 and for type A and B influenza, with a level of analytical sensitivity very close to that of traditional PCR testing.

Where there are symptoms such as fever, cough or cold, an immediate and precise diagnosis which can distinguish the condition Covid-19 from a normal flu, is crucial.
If it is found that the patient only has a normal flu infection, it is not necessary to observe the protocol adopted in cases of Covid. This avoids overloading the health system, releasing it from subsequent monitoring required in case of doubts regarding the patient’s condition.

It is the GM Fabio Piazzalunga, once again, to announce the latest news of Menarini Diagnostics: «We are finalising CoronaMelt, a new ultra-sensitive traditional molecular test using traditional real-time PCR technology. However, this test is special as it can clearly identify the type of variant of the virus. This will be a kit created 100% by Menarini and production will begin in the first half of 2021: we expect it to be available in healthcare facilities soon».

Menarini Diagnostics continues its commitment in order to respond to the growing need for diagnostic tests. A precise analysis is essential, the analysis depends on an important decision, which not only concerns the patient’s care, but the risk of spreading the infection.